5 Seconds of glory

Hooray - and the crowd screams your name. You smile and feel magic. Feel that you accomplished what others could not. Feel that you are real and your dream come true. See a smile and appreciation on the face of the one you love and you know that sharing this is something unique, something others can only dream about and something you know it's only yours. And you want it to last forever, because, deep inside, you know that this is the real you. A real you from whom you do not have to hide. A real you that is commonly accepted and appreciated as you always wished. The real you. Somehow this moment is all you wanted. All you dreamed of and never realized how much you need this. And now you got it and don't want to let go. You are happy. Fulfilled.


Reality bites! And you remember your basic condition. You remember your needs, remember that for that person you love you can't provide, remember that you are hungry. Remember that 5 seconds later, when this all will end, you will be in the same place you were before, hiding and trying to survive, whilst keeping your dignity and your status (cause this is what society requires). Your image must be the same no matter what. Your ideas and attitude should not be altered by your desperation and search for another status, which you reveal, but don't really have. And there are many. Many others out there like this. Who claim to be at least the President when in reality they sleep in caravans. With evil thoughts and evil actions. Which, in the end, forget who they really are.
But you did not forget. You are the same. The same you were for years and years and the same you will be for years to come. And you are appreciated and loved just for your basic spirit. People love you. The same people that cannot hear your harsh reality, the same that can't comply to your shattered dreams, the ones that gave you and took part in your magic moment. The ones you shared with those 5 seconds of glory. The same you know revealing another reality. The same that individually share disbelief and resignation.

- For what? - Now, for not being you!

There are no winners here.


Julius said...

Genial LK, genial

Roxoxox said...

So i was right when screaming "I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a life time of nothing special."