Is in our minds, is in our soul,
Is what lies in and feeds our goal

Is from beginning to the end,
In search for it our minds will bend

As those who think that it is true,
And dreams they have that will subdue

Nor shall they fear, nor shall they scare
Cause’ all is thought and they’ won’t dare

To say that all that meets the eye,
Is food for dreams, not for the lie

That rules beliefs of what we feel
That eye brings once and not reveal

For truth is more than we can see,
For you is one, but two for me

And three for all that dream about
A perfect soul mate midst the crowd

Cause harsh is when they reach it, close,
And hear it talk, and feel it’s froze

And all they thought and dreamed and hail
Will never be, nor shall prevail

A bitter smile cause there’s no fuss
To find perfection just in us……….