Get real!

How come it's the same me? Same body, same gestures, only 20 years older. That on paper. What about you? When did you stop growing up? Or, perhaps, you are just a rat in the hole, that old man's hole, in which you know you are old, you know you'll get old, you know you're worthless unless you produce something, not for you, of course. But you are happy, Happy with your worthless live, lived for the sake of the drunk weekend nights in which you can say anything you want and claim you didn't remember. You worthless piece of shit. You, who populate all the corners of our existence, you, who think that this is the way, you, who dare to show your face into the light and spend your last penny trying to evolve in the eyes of others. Do you even know who you are? A product of our society. A product of our global unification. A product of our sick and twisted globalization. And now try to think a little. What did you want to be when you grow up? That, if you even dare to remember you worthless you! I despise you! I despise all about you! I despise the fact that you live, breath, eat and laugh next to me. I know that somewhere inside you are alive. Somewhere underneath you envy someone, somewhere, somehow. Someone who makes you remember. Someone who makes you feel the smell of the air that you're breathing. Someone who makes you feel alive.......... Unfortunately for you this is not the answer and you already know it. Why don't you get a life and get real? Too many wasted lives in this lasting vision. Don't flatter yourself that someone cares anymore.