My sin

Nothing's better than a glass of wine next to a perfect woman who will surely love you later, combined with a fine cigar, nice movie, perfect music, candle light, sweet home and the sound of a heartbeat. Nothings better than live for the moment. This implies few thoughts, but lots of future memories, feelings, touches and a day worth living.
Sinfull some may say. Innocent I write. Reality? Yes - for more than a couple of hours, yes! Like commercials - perfect reality. You all know the feeling I hope. Living a moment in which you would pray that time stops. Period - perfect for you, me, anybody/everybody. Living in a dream. Made by you. Earned and awaited, planned and applied, calm and finally yours. We may have times when we feel close to perfection just by living and breathing a perfect moment. Shared with someone who than feels exactly the same that you do. And we are satisfied.

Sad for us that our mind cannot nourish and preserve such a feeling. We do not have shelves in which we could store these moments and transform them into accomplishments. We do not have the power to understand that a moment worth living is what we are made for.
We wake up and hope something happened over night and yes - you are now declared the king of the world. And all the calm and satisfaction you felt through a simple and pure moment vanished in the way of greediness and hate, false expectations and raw human nature, foolishness and last but not least vanity. Yours, mine, his, her's, everybody's. Vanity.
Strange when you wake up wanting to give everything to the person you cherish the most and have nothing left to give. Actually sad.

To simplify - Life is a battlefield where victorious are the ones that through sinfully simple and innocent moments earn the feeling needed to forget about their vanity. "Human's favorite sin"

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