I hate leeches!
And I don’t mean it zoological. I mean human leeches.
Invertebrate vertebrates living among us. Doing nothing at all. Just striving and searching for ideas, words and attitudes to steal and afterwards present and pretend to be their own.
Just like the real leech, we first consider them friendly and perhaps useful, but, in reality, all they really do is to feed on our blood, on our ideas, on the real us.
Never underestimate one. Because this type of person will always have a lot of so called friends to whom he/she (mainly it) can present other’s ideas as being it’s own. And yes, many of you will think of the leech that perhaps it’s intelligent and smart and funny and much appreciated. Do not waste your time listening to non-sense. All these can do is to wait and feed on other’s dreams, hopes, ideas and achievements.
That’s why I hate leeches. I hate you all leeches that swarm amongst us. Don’t bother hiding under other identities. Don’t bother trying to assimilate so much from others because this will never be the real you. Don’t bother making up scenarios in which you are the center of everybody else’s universe.
Don’t bother us at all. Because you were born and you are and you will always be just a leech.
Did I mention that I hate you?