Fire for the Angel

The candle glimmers through the darkened glass. As it fades away the smoke grows thicker. And its fire dances after its own music. Something we’ll never hear. Only admire and consider its simplicity perfect and beautiful.

Now it reminds me of you. And as it starts struggling for survival I hope that it will never end. But when it calms down before the final I feel that it knows that the battle is lost and it will fade away. Sure this can’t remind me of you. But it does now.

How? Why?

You never lost a battle. We all could hear your music. When you were there it was our music. And your fire never faded away. Never hidden behind darkened glass. Its dance was always faster and stronger. Its shine was there for everybody. It was our warmth, our joy, our laughter. Whenever we talk about it we smiled.

As never seen before you never stopped burning. You never rested, never fade away. Making us stronger, braver. And always reminding us that we got to be together, stay together, feed together, drink, smoke, fight and party together. And you loved. You loved like nobody else did. You loved us all. You loved life like no one else could, and no one else will.

One day you became faster. And you ran on twisty turns. So fast that we almost can’t see you sometimes. From that moment we could hear as you came and gone. We could distinguish your sound and your stories became more passionate. Everybody wanted for some resemblance to be just like you. Ones wanted to be fast like you, others strong like you, others wanted to be the one you love. Some wanted to feel just for a moment your passion. Those were also the days when you started loving sunny days.

You symbolized the moment. The present. Your actions were only about now.

Half man, half machine. Faster and stronger. We could never keep up. Somehow, one moment we stopped trying. You were one. One for all. Our One.

From now on your music was the loudest, your fire was the strongest and your life was all passion. That’s how the Angel found you. You were on everyone’s lips, hearts, thoughts and souls and he came for you. Because you did it all.

And you knew how to say good bye. First you left us signs. Second you gathered us all and party like you never did, loved one like you never did, and warmed us all.

And you met the Angel.

Your soul will always be a part of us. We learned from you.

RIP - Bob




Is in our minds, is in our soul,
Is what lies in and feeds our goal

Is from beginning to the end,
In search for it our minds will bend

As those who think that it is true,
And dreams they have that will subdue

Nor shall they fear, nor shall they scare
Cause’ all is thought and they’ won’t dare

To say that all that meets the eye,
Is food for dreams, not for the lie

That rules beliefs of what we feel
That eye brings once and not reveal

For truth is more than we can see,
For you is one, but two for me

And three for all that dream about
A perfect soul mate midst the crowd

Cause harsh is when they reach it, close,
And hear it talk, and feel it’s froze

And all they thought and dreamed and hail
Will never be, nor shall prevail

A bitter smile cause there’s no fuss
To find perfection just in us……….