The Good and the Bad

We all die!
Sooner or later.
No matter what.
We are born and all our lives we live with this certainty. Nothing new here.

The constitution and most of us claim that humans are equal.

Than why do we die different? Why some of us live for seconds and others for a century?

That wouldn’t bother me that hard. What bothers me is that good people always live shorter than the bad ones. Do you follow me? They somehow lose their battle with life on the way. As teenagers, or as grown-ups, they die sooner.

Why? I'm sure that now your mind is crossed by many examples of people you know and match the upper criteria. Maybe the good ones lose because of the emotions. Because they feel, they care, they hope and they suffer. Because they are basically human. And the others ......... nothing. Everything's the same for them. No pain, no feelings, nothing to care about. Just for themselves. Inhuman we may say.

Then I ask - what's better for each and everyone of us. To feel or not, to care or not, to suffer or not.....? And basically, who wins? The ones here or the ones up there?

Some say that the good people die faster, because somebody up there needs them earlier. Pity, cause’ we also need them down here. Sadly we do not have the power to decide. Not us. And if we change them in order not to be needed up there, the situation repeats. We won't be needing them down here either.

Maybe I want to say that if you know good people you should try to spend more time with them. Because they will never be around as long as we expect.

Maybe it's just the fact that I somehow do not want to accept this reality.
Or maybe we are put to a test. In which we curse the higher power that steals these souls amongst us. In which we forget the true meaning of good and bad. A test that tears our feeling apart and makes us realize that nothing will be the same after it.

A test that we all know and which ironically is part of life.

And then sooner or later………………..

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ICE3ERG said...

"Life... It is a bitch. It sucks, and then you die."