Sheep vs. Wolf

People ranking: 2 types - Sheep and wolves. No more and no less.

Either you like it or not we are all born like this.
The wolf will always be a wolf and so does the sheep.

Unfortunately if you want to step to the other side it is possible, but the real nature of you will always appear sooner or later.

Unfortunately also, we will never know which side is best. Maybe sheep - for being always group connected and being able to stand out faster in front of all the others, or maybe wolf - loner and determined, well knowing his status and never mixing with the crowd.

For sure the wolf has more satisfaction when his actions are successful, but he will suffer more when these are not. But it will always have one or two reliable friends.

The sheep will have tons of so called friends, but none reliable.
Also sheep have a faster way of identifying a wolf. Friendly to one point, later unfaithfull

The wolf will always be envied by others, but there will be times when you can see a wolf in sheep's clothing. Sad for him he won't have any glamor left, but his will to come back and be what he really is.

Both of them will recognize sooner or later the other one's true nature. Maybe they will change, because this suits them better. But they will never reach the real status. I repeat - sooner or later it'll come out. Really what they're made of.

So now - which one's best?

Or, better, don't even think about it. Because you, just like all the others, know how you are born.


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how about being more of a friend to your friend, than your friend is to you ? now that could transcend to love ? lettin' him do whatever !?