Love beats the demon...........

I started believing this when I was 19. Now I'm 32 and this still rules my beliefs. Helped a lot finding out this as a teenager. Rough was I in my actions, ruthless in my knowledge and raw in my mind. My castle of cards went down in a split second when I realized that our primary needs of recognition don't matter anymore and our wills and ideas of ego centrism vanish in front of a simple idea of giving and sharing. Of hoping and earning, of seeking and letting go, of being human. As if the whole base of humanity is built on true love.
Do not worry, the other side kept reapearing. And the cicle reapeated itself. And anyhow you take it and/or accept it, it will always be around. Claiming his rights as if it represented another base of humanity. And sometimes you end up saying that it really is. You act as if it were the base of your belief and, in the end, you end up thinking of the same part.
Shameless and cowardness. Two qualities never accepted, but always present. Surroundinng us, giving shape for our closest friends. Unfortunate, but real. Hard, but somehow acceptable. Making us ask how and why.
And then "why?" seems the hardest question.

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Anna said...

This is spot on. So true. And right now it makes my heart ache.