Interesting way of saying I love you

I met someone. Not long ago. That means I was 31, so I had an ideea of what love should be. And this person - much older than me, probably the same spirit, told me that: If you really love someone, really, really love him, than you should let him do whatever he feels like. Because of this immense feeling you should let him do whatever he wants and you should love him more for every action he takes. And all my thoughts and beliefs changed.
I agreed at some point to this ideea and now everything has a different shape. A milder one. Strange of me because I always wanted in my mind a certain controll. Not anymore. This cannot coexist with love.

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insider said...

this I can confirm. Of course it hurts like hell, but loving somebody is about wanting the best for him/her, and from this point everything becomes a logical thing. Good post!